Invitation Call to the Global Book Market TIBF2019

2019-02-02 10:17

This is to inform the domestic and international publishers, institutes, organizations, publishing associations, and literary agencies that the Global Book Market will be organized in the Thirty Second Tehran International Book Fair. Therefore, all the applicants who meet the announced requirements are kindly requested to register no later than March 3, 2019, to send their requests by website and/or delivering the necessary documents to the related secretariat in Iran's Cultural Fairs Institute to have the opportunity to showcase and introduce their achievements in the Global Book Market.

The Global Book Market is a place to acquaint international publishers with capacities of the Iranian publishing industry and promote the cultural relationships in an international arena. Showing the capabilities of book publishing in Iran to international actors, paving the way for professional relationships between Iranian and foreign publishers as well as investigating the problems of international publishing and their solutions are among the purposes pursued by this very market. On this basis, different subsections and activities have been considered for this section of the book fair:

  1. Domestic and foreign active literary agents;
  2. Domestic publishers active in international publishing;
  3. Iranian translation grant programmes;
  4. Participation and presence of foreign guests supported by the book fair scholarship, the international book fair representatives or foreign book associations in the international section of the book fair;
  5. The Hall of Global Book Market: a place for a gathering of the Iranian writers, translators, and illustrators active in an international arena and showcasing a selection of their works.

A. Qualified Intuitions for Registration

The following are qualified to register in the Global Book Market:

  • Iranian publishers or literary agencies who have managed to sell rights to international publishers for publication in other languages and are interested in pursuing this activity in a professional manner; 
  • International publishers or literary agencies who want to professionally work on selling rights to the Iranian publishers and those who have translated Persian books into other languages and published them;
  • Iranian publishers who have published their books to present in the international markets in languages other than Persian;
  • Institutes and organizations related to the international domain and other cultural centers, foreign or domestic, with cultural products suitable to present in the Global Book Market;
  • Institutes with grant programmes for translation into other languages;
  • Domestic and international active literary agents as well as international institutes and organizations active in the presentation of Iranian works in the international publishing arena;
  • Iranian publishers are interested in the indirect presentation of books with copyright to the global market.

B. Registration requirements

  • Domestic books shall have a certificate issued by the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for their suggested titles so that they have been legally published in Iran. The books shall be exclusively for showcasing and selling them shall be forbidden;   
  • The publishers who are planning to present their books in the international domain are to solely work on their original titles. Priority is given to books with Iranian contents, bi- or multilingual contents as well as titles selected by national or international festivals. Regarding the publishing date, priority is given to the books whose last edition or reprint dates are not older than 5 years ago;
  • Regarding the grant programmes for translation into other languages, it is necessary that samples of the books supported by the related grant during the last 5 years along with the specifications of their foreign publishers are submitted to the secretariat of the Global Book Market;
  • The applicants are to provide the secretariat of the Global Book Market with a list of their publications. Should the Secretariat does not receive the physical copy of the books or the books are received but they are not registered online, they are considered as unregistered;
  • As well as selecting suitable titles qualified to showcase in the Global Book Market, the applicants of this section i.e. publishers, literary agencies, etc. have the responsibility of introducing their titles and holding the necessary meetings; accordingly, they are to introduce a person to the Secretariat who will be continuously present in the dedicated stand;
  • Registration for presence in the Global Book Market is exclusively made through the TIBF official website ( and its secretariat. The acceptance of the applications will be limited and after examination, certain facilities are allocated to the selected applicants. 

C. Encouraging Facilities

An area of 4 sq. m. is allocated, free of charge, to publishers or organizations with 10 titles in languages other than Persian or having managed to sell the rights of 20 Persian titles. In addition, 6 sq. m. is allocated to literary agents, free of charge.